Programme Detail

Programme Detail
  • Language of this entry
    English (USA)
  • * Name of Programme / Training Resource
    Bible and Theology and Counseling Psychology (BSc)
  • Type of Training
    Programme with multiple subsidiary courses
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  • Description
    The Bachelor of Science in Bible/theology and Counseling Psychology is a four-year program designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the Bible, and counseling theory and practice to equip them for effective counseling ministry and/or vocation. The program includes intensive study in three academic areas: Bible/theology, general education, and counseling psychology. Program Outcomes In addition to meeting the Bible and Theology major outcomes, the student will: 1. Distinctively Christian Integration Develop the skills necessary to integrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and major theological concepts with skills in psychological theory, methodology and technique. 2. Knowledge of Theories Be conversant with the major secular and Christian psychological theories and practices and be able to evaluate them from a sound Biblical and theological point of view. 3. Knowledge of Problems and Delivery of Care Be able to identify the issues and problems that people, groups, and communities face in life, for the purpose of treating and bringing help to those problems. 4. Development of Counseling Skills Develop competent counseling skills within a thoroughly-Biblical framework, including interviewing skills and communication skills in one-on-one and small group situations. 5. Appreciation of Diversity in Counseling Demonstrate awareness of multicultural, gender, and racial concerns in counseling relationships and how diverse populations respond differently to counseling. 6. Knowledge of Abnormal Psychology Demonstrate a basic understanding of psychopathology and the various treatments available. 7. Professional Development Understand the legal, ethical, ministerial, and professional issues in contemporary counseling ministry and/or practice. 8. Personal Growth Reflect on his or her own mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational growth to help strengthen his or her Christian character and develop a deep level of dedication to people, and to a ministry of helping them with their lives in a way that is honoring to God. 9. Ministry and Vocational Opportunities Be prepared for ministry or career roles within a variety of church, para-church, private, and governmental social services that require effective personal, emotional, and relational abilities. 10. Preparation for Graduate Studies Complete core courses in Counseling Psychology to pursue graduate work in mental health services or a related academic/professional field leading toward certification or licensure.
  • Keywords
    Counseling Psychology, Theology, Counseling, Psychology
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  • Other Languages
  • Country and region where programme is available
  • Area of Ministry and Focus
  • Residential/Non Residential
  • Full-time or Part-time
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  • * Cost Range
    US$500 or more
  • * Actual Cost
  • Bursaries/scholarships available
  • Actual Length
    4 years
  • Average hours of study per week
  • Methods of instruction
  • Percentage of time spent in formal learning (e.g. lectures, structured reading, work-books, etc.)
  • Percentage of time spent on non-formal skill-based learning (e.g. learning on the job and supervised practice, etc.)
  • Percentage of time spent in informal unstructured learning (e.g. prayer times, teamwork).
  • Average number of students who take the programme per year (or, if this is a new programme, the number who can be accommodated)
  • Prerequisite Programmes
  • Other Prerequisites
  • Qualifications gained
    Bachelor of Science
  • Qualifications this programme is part of
  • Programme Accredited by
  • Other Accrediting Bodies
    Higher Learning Commission
  • * Organization Name
    Emmaus Bible College
  • Evangelical alliances and associations of which the organization is member
  • Other evangelical associations of which the organization is member
  • * Description and Purpose
    Our mission as a biblical higher education community is to glorify God by educating and equipping learners to impact the world for Christ through faithful and effective service in their ministries, professions, and communities.
  • Contact Details
    Send an e-mail
  • * Website
  • * Contact Person
    Nathan Phelan
  • * Address line 1
    2570 Asbury Road
  • Address line 2
  • * City/State/Province/County
    Dubuque, IA
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