Programme Detail

Programme Detail
  • Language of this entry
    English (UK, International)
  • * Name of Programme / Training Resource
    Bachelor of Ministry Leadership
  • Type of Training
    Individual standalone programme
  • Reference Number
  • Description
    The Bachelor of Ministry Leadership programme seeks to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of leadership in ministry based on foundational studies in general education, theology, biblical studies and practical ministry. At the end of the programme study the student will also be able to demonstrate increased competency in ministry at a local church setting in the area of either pastoral leadership or pastoral care.
  • Keywords
    ministry leadership pastoral leadership ministry training ministry development pastoral care counselling
  • Languages Programme Available in
  • Other Languages
  • Country and region where programme is available
  • Area of Ministry and Focus
  • Residential/Non Residential
    Non Residential
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • * Level
  • * Cost Range
    US$100,000 or more
  • * Actual Cost
  • Bursaries/scholarships available
  • Actual Length
    3 years
  • Average hours of study per week
  • Methods of instruction
    Teaching & Learning Methodology Employed: * Leactures * Reading & Book Critiques * Assignments * Class Presentation * Projects & Evaluative Reports * Exams * Research Papers * Practicums * Coaching * Disciplines in Spiritual Formation
  • Percentage of time spent in formal learning (e.g. lectures, structured reading, work-books, etc.)
  • Percentage of time spent on non-formal skill-based learning (e.g. learning on the job and supervised practice, etc.)
  • Percentage of time spent in informal unstructured learning (e.g. prayer times, teamwork).
  • Average number of students who take the programme per year (or, if this is a new programme, the number who can be accommodated)
  • Prerequisite Programmes
    "A" Levels or equivalent
  • Other Prerequisites
    The student must be a born-again Christian for at least two years.
  • Qualifications gained
    Bachelor of Ministry Leadership
  • Qualifications this programme is part of
  • Programme Accredited by
  • Other Accrediting Bodies
  • * Organization Name
    Asia Theological Center
  • Evangelical alliances and associations of which the organization is member
  • Other evangelical associations of which the organization is member
  • * Description and Purpose
    ATC was established with a vision to equip believers who have a call of God on their lives to be effective ministers of the Gospel in this present move of the Holy Spirit. ATC seeks to impart vision for missions and evangelism so that its graduates will be prepared either to go forth as missionaries themselves or raise missions-giving and missionary-sending churches. ATC is also a learning resource where ministers can develop the leadership gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher and equip "... the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the Body of Christ..." (Ephesian 4:12) ATC's essential missions therefore is to provide, in a charismatic Christian context, advanced educational opportunity which will enable the students: 1. To develop academically through enhanced and deepened biblical and theological understanding. 2. To develop personal giftings and ministerial skills in preparation for ministry to the Lord and the world. 3. To enrich personal preparation for participation in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, propagating the Christian faith and planting churches.
  • Contact Details
    Send an e-mail
  • * Website
  • * Contact Person
    Ms. Kathleen Lee
  • * Address line 1
    20, Tampines Street 43
  • Address line 2
  • * City/State/Province/County
  • Post Code
  • * Country
  • * Telephone
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